Graham Roberts returning to England

nep 612 March, 2012

Kathmandu, Nepal

Nepalese national coach Graham Roberts announced he is returning to England this Thursday. He also mentioned that the very last game was managed by Assistant coach Megh Raj KC and Upendra Man Singh. He is very pleased to have coached Nepal - one of the most beautiful country. During his time he was well supported by ANFA. He is very thankful to Ganesh Thapa and other ANFA officials. He felt that Nepalese supporters are one of the best supporters and he is thankful for their support throughout his time. He also showed his disappointment regarding the withdrawal of two Nepal Army players Raju Tamang and Bikash Malla. He is quite astonished by such event. 

Lastly, he feels that Nepalese supporters should be proud of their team as they are very good one and on the verge of achieving some great things together.