Analysis: What went WRONG???

nep 6Ram Gurung

Nepal are technically out of the competition after dismal performace. There were lot of hopes and Nepal played like Barcelona as cited by Joseph Sepp Blatter, the FIFA President for times but the result was just as always. No goals no win and no win you fail is rule of the game. So what went wrong? Lets critically analyse the highs and lows of the Nepal National team.

1 Strong home support and home ground
2 Confident backline and strong midfielders
3 Experienced English coach Graham Roberts


 But does that win a game and produce results for you? read next the cons of Nepal national team

1 ANFA invested tons of money to bring the tournament to Nepal but didn't left enough for match preparations
2 Nepal didn't had a single international friendlies after SAFF Championship. Nepal should have played lot of matches before the tournament
3 Nepalese players do not have team chemistry. In SAFF Championship, Rabin Shrestha was injured and out. Nepal national team failed to cope with new player in his place. Same thing happened today too, Rabin was injured and substituted then Nepal lost. We don't have a back up plan literally.
4 Anil Gurung showed lot of character in this tournament but his attempts were trivial in front of post. He made lot of assists but connecting players failed to deliver.
5 Old school no new knowledge. New players can turn out to be playmakers. We are playing the same players times and again hoping for different result. This has to changed. The team needs to be reshuffled.
6 Players are humans and not GODS!!! Sagar Thapa was responsible for both slip ups in a goal conceded today and second goal in last match. He is more offensive than attackers
7 And lets give some credit to Luck too. BAD LUCK!!! We hit the post too and everything else.

nep 22So what must be done to improve?

1. More international matches, more matches and more matches.

2. Goalkeepers are fine. They did good job in both matches. There is literally no chance for the goalkeepers in one on one situtations.

3. Midfielders are cool too. They have came back to support the team and provided balls to the strikers. Raju Tamang and Sandip Rai are playing consistently well.

4. Formation need to be shuffled. Now a days in modern football, all teams play with lone striker and two wingers. We are playing in a pre-historic formation to avoid goals and still we are conceding goals. Nepal should implement 4-5-1 formation if they want to improve.

5. Defenders are there to defend not  to score goals. Why are strikers for? Sagar Thapa's offensive moves are questionable.

6. Easy rule: You don't concede.. you don't lose. Nepal has become a negative minded team now to be honest. They literally gave up against Maldives in the second half. One of the Maldives player had to be taken to hospital but still they failed to capitalise against 10 men.

7. Nepal must score in first half and must play defensive in second half. The trend is always like that. Technically Nepalese players runs out of stamina in final third of the match.

8. We cannot blame strikers in this tournament... Jumanu Rai hit the target quite often and Anil Gurung had physical presence and made great passes. And again we need more practice and more practice matches.

9. Nepal need to rely on a team rather than single players. I mean Sagar Thapa cannot score in every match from the freekick. Even Beckham scored only one World Cup goal from the freekick. Some goes in and some don't but if something's not working you need a change. That applies for everything not only in football.

10. More and more international matches.

Finally, Nepal suffered because the strikers failed to score but Nepal lost because defenders could not defend properly. There is no flaw in anyside but it requires a lot of hard work if Nepal has to keep its reputation in FIFA Ranking which is ofcourse already damaged.

In Ideal World, Nepal's formation should be,



Striker: Jumanu Rai (Preferred)

Wingers and Midfielder: Nirajan Khadka, Bharat Khawas, Sandip Rai, Raju Tamang, Bhola Silwal

Defenders: Rabin Shrestha, Rohit Chand, Sagar Thapa, Biraj Maharjan

Goalkeeper: Kiran Chemjong (Preferred)


Nepal will play their final match against Turkmenistan, I wish all the best for Graham Roberts and the team for the match. This match will only for Pride.

Jai Nepal

Images: Shabda Shrestha