Analysis: Nepal must win both matches to ensure Semi final berth

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Ram Gurung

Nepal is set to play Maldives at full crowded Dasarath Stadium now. This is a do or die situtation for the Graham Roberts and his team to survive in this tournament. If either of Palestine or Turkmenistan had won at Halchowk, life of Nepal could have been easier but its all on Nepal's hands now.

Nepal is literally in a very difficult position, they have to win both matches to ensure place in the semi finals.

Even if Nepal wins against Maldives but if they draw agaisnt Turkmenistan in final match of the group they will only have 4 points. This means that only Maldives can save Nepal but Maldives has to score more goals than Nepal and Palestine has scored.

If Maldives beats Palestine and Nepal draws Turkmenistan, Palestine and Nepal will be judged on goal difference... even if goal differences are tied... Palestine has scored more so far and has beaten Nepal so Nepal has very slim chances to get through to semis.

Bottom line: Nepal MUST win both matches.

If Nepal loses today, its all GAME OVER!!!

If Palestine or Turkmensitan had won How it stands now If Nepal wins If Nepal draws last match If Nepal wins last match
Palestine or Turkmentistan  6points Turkmenistan  4points Turkmenistan 4points

If Palestine wins 7points,

if Palestine loses, still 4points

Nepal will be in 1st or second place
Palestine or Turkmentistan 3 points Palestine        4points Palestine  4points Turkmenistan will have 5points Nepal will be in 1st or second place
Maldives   (a game in hand) 0 points Maldives (a game in hand) 0 point       Nepal  3points Nepal 4points  
Nepal  (a game in hand) 0 points Nepal (a game in hand) 0 point Maldives 0point If maldives win 3pts  

Images: Shabda Shrestha