Nehru Cup 2012: Maldives dashes Nepal's hope in the very first match

23 August, 2012

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Nepal 1 - 2 Maldives

Nepalese national team couldn't produced their scintillating performance of late as they succumb to the superior Maldives team. Maldives won the match 2-1 as they showed they can get the better of the two when they clash head to head.

Nepalese coach Krishna Thapa made some tactical change in the hope that change of tactic would bring them luck in result. But his effort brought no better result and they still lost the match 2-1. He also brought Ritesh Thapa in place of regular custodian Kiran Chemjong. Abdulla Asadhulla got Maldives into the early lead in the 6th minute. Ritesh Thapa looked rusty and nervy as he almost got himself sent half, thanks to the lienency of the match referee who produced only a yellow card. Maldives were the better side in the first half as they put Nepal in the back pedal most of the time.

In the second half Nepalese team came out with some purpose which they lacked in the first half. They made some positive offensive move and were in the game for longer time then in the first half. Despite improved performance by Nepalese side Maldives got another breakthrough. Ismail Easa doubled their lead in the 77th minute of the match in a counter move. Poor Nepalese defenders were caught napping and conceded a goal in a manner which they have been doing in recent matches. Jumanu Rai pulled one back late in the game but it was just a mere consolation. Santosh Sahukhala produced a brilliant assist.