SAFF Championship 2013: ANFA increases ticket price for knockout round

saffchampionshipANFA increased the ticket price of the ongoing SAFF Championship 2013 semifinal and final matches. The price for the group matches were Rs 300 and Rs 700 respectively. The newly revised price are Rs 500 and Rs 1000 respectively. The increment in price will not please most of the Nepali football fans but being ardent fans there will be no decrement in fans that will be present there at the stadium.

There were unconfirmed report that Rs 300 tickets were sold at a prive above Rs1000 and Rs 700 tickets were sold for more than Rs 2000 in the final group game between Nepal and India. The demand of the match will allow ANFA to hike the price whatever they want it to be. Nevertheless Nepali football fans will be content if the hiked money will be utilized properly.