AFC President Cup 2013: Three Star Club head towards Malaysia to participate in the final round

three star championsLeague champions Three Star Club is heading towards Malaysia to participate in the final round of the AFC President Cup 2013. Three STar Club had qualified for the AFC Presedent Cup after playing qualifiers earlier in Nepal itself.

Three Star has previously reached semi-final stage of the tournament and this is the second time it is taking part in the competition. A total of 33 memebers team (20 players and 2 caoches) is heading for Malaysia. Even though It's just a Club taking part in the competiton but whole of the Nepali football lovers are waiting anxiously to hear the glory news of Three Star coming back as champions.

Three Star had very little time for prepartion for the tournament as 8 of its players were member of the recent SAFF Championship. But they will be facing a familiar opponents in Erchim FC (Mongolia) whom they beat 2-0 in the qualifiers alongside Balkan FC (Turkmenistan).

 Group A                                                                                              Group B

Three Star Club                                                                                  KRL

Erchim FC                                                                                            Dordoi Bishkek

Balkan FC                                                                                            Hilal Al-Quds


Fixture list

  23/09/13     Three Star    Vs     Balkan       
                     Dordoi Bishkek    Vs     KRL        
  25/09/13     Hilal Al-Quds     Vs     Dordoi Bishkek       
                     Erchim     Vs     Three Star       
  27/09/13     KRL     Vs     Hilal Al-Quds        
                     Balkan     Vs     Erchim

  29/09/13 FINAL (Group A winners Vs Group B winners)