APF player of the year is travelling to spain for training and trial

APF player of the year Anjan Bista is travelling to Spain for training and trail at Marbella United FC. Anjan Bista is one of the best talent of Nepali Football who have achieved all of the recent major titles that Nepal have achieved. 





Second Kakarvitta Gold Cup 2073 Final day.

APF vs Rumpum JHAPA XI

Time : 2 PM

Venue : Kakarvitta Madhyamik Vidhyalaya

Winner prize : 4 lakhs + Goldcup Trophy

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Manang Marsyangdi Club and Tribhuvan Army Club are fighting for trophy of Hetauda International Gold Cup 2073.

The final match is to be played on Forestry Hetauda Campus Ground, 1:30 PM sharp on January 7th.


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Nepal International Anjan Bista is one of the most promising young talent in Nepalese Football. Anjan has done well in both club and international level. Anjan alongside Bimal and Ananta have played in Marbella United FC, Spain. He has gained a lot of experience in Europe.

Utilizing the experience of European games, Anjan has finally succeded in Domestic games as well as National level games. 

Anjan have won two titles with APF. 7th National Game held in Dharan (Football) was also grasped by APF team. Anjan  thanked his APF Teamamtes , coaches and managers for his second club title & hope similar for the days to come. He expressed his joy and gratitude towards his team mates through social media account.

"Football is a game of mistakes and the most effective way to hone one’s skills is by watching as many matches as possible." Hari Khadka ,Legendary Footballer

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Oct. 15- Former Nepal international and Nepal Police Club assistant coach Hari Khadka is of the view that watching as many matches as possible is the best way for a coach to hone one's skills.

Khadka, who returned home after attaining an advanced B level coaching course from Deutscher Fusball- Bund, says that football is a game of mistakes and the most effective way to hone one's skills is by watching as many matches as possible.

"By watching matches, you get an idea of the various strategies that are being used in the game. It important to put into practice what you have learnt the next day," he says. "We often talk about various formations but in a match the formations are changing from time to time. We must learn that art."

Talent identification is another point that Khadka stresses. Of the various things he learnt in the three-week course, participated by coaches from 29 countries, Khadka was impressed by the German's emphasis on talent identification. He says that it is important to spend more time scouting players from various tournaments and holding a competition between the scouted players.

" When it comes to football development a lot of things depend on easily accessibility to playing grounds. This is where we lack. But whenever we scout players, it is important for us to hold competition between them so we can get the best out of them. This is not a difficult thing to do," says Khadka, who has been given the responsibility of the ANFA U-14 team, which he will take charge after the Tihar holidays.

"We often compare our players, coaches and our success with other teams that we see on television, but we have to realize how much effort they have put in just to get there," he adds.

Khadka is also assisting Nepal head coach Jack Stefanowski in the national team