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Martyr's Memorial Red Bull 'A' Division League is the top tier league in Nepalese football league system organized by All Nepal Football Association (ANFA). 

Martyr's Memorial A-Division League 2011

The competition featured 18 teams and first time a team from Mofussil Koelapani Polestar. The teams have been extended from 12 to 18 due to various reasons. The champions will qualify for the SAFF club championship. Whereas, the top 8 teams will get to the National League (Nepal). While the bottom 4 clubs are relegated. The game were played in Dasharath Stadium and Halcowk Stadium. Defending champion Nepal Police Club won the league.


Fixtures and Results

B Division Fixtures & Results






Fixtures and Results




Fixtures and Results                               

Date Teams Teams Results
24/8/11 Birgunj Youth Academy  Vs Pulchowk Sports Club 1-1
24/8/11 Sankata Club Vs Tushal Youth Club 4-1
25/8/11 Kumari Youth Club Vs Boys Union Club 1-1
25/8/11  Gyanbhairab Club   Vs   Samajik Youth Club 0-0
2/9/11 Chasyal Youth Club  Vs  Star Club  1-0
2/9/11 Kathmand Club  Vs  Sanogaucharan Youth Club  3-1 
3/9/11 Madhyapur Youth Association  Vs  Boys Sports Club  2-1
 3/9/11 Mahabir Club  Vs  Pulchowk Sports Club  1-2 
 4/9/11 Birgunj Youth Academy  Vs  Boys Union Club  1-0
4/9/11 Tushal Youth Club Vs Samajik Youth Club 1-0
5/9/11 Kumari Youth Club Vs Star Club 0-3
5/9/11 Gyanbhairab Club Vs Sanogaucharan Youth Club 1-0
6/9/11 Chasyal Youth Club Vs Boys Sports Club 2-1
9/9/11 Kathmandu Club Vs Madhyapur Youth Association 0-1


Date Teams Vs Team Results
17/11/11  Mahabir Club Vs Sankata Club 0-6
17/11/11  Pulchowk Sports Club Vs Boys Union Club 0-0
18/11/11  Birgunj Youth Academy Vs Star Club 0 -0
20/11/11  Tushal Youth Club Vs Sanogaucharan Youth Club 2-2 
20/11/11  Kumari Youth Club Vs Boys Sports Club 0-0
21/11/11  Gyanbhairab Club Vs Madhyapur Youth Association           0-2
21/11/11  Chyasal Club Vs Kathmandu Club 1-2
22/11/11 Mahabir Club Vs Boys Uniom 0-1
22/11/11 Sankata Club Vs Samajik Yuba Club 2-2
23/11/11 Pulchowk Vs Star Club 0-2
23/11/11 Birgunj Youth Academy Vs Boys Sports 1-1
24/11/11 Tushal  Youth Club Vs Madhyapur Youth Association 2-2
24/11/11 Kumari Club Vs Kathmandu Club 1-2
25/11/11 Gyanbhairab Vs Chyasal 0-1
27/11/11 Mahabir Vs Samajik Yuba Club 1-3
27/11/11 Boys Union Vs Star Club 2-0
28/11/11 Sankata Vs Sanogaucharan 1-1
28/11/11 Pulchowk Vs Boys Sports 1-0
29/11/11 Birgunj Vs Kathmandu Club 2-1
29/11/11 Tushal Vs Chyasal 1-0
30/11/11 Kumari Youth Vs Gyanbhairab 1-0
30/11/11 Mahabir Vs Star Club 2-3
01/12/11 Samajik Youth Club Vs Sanogaucharan 2-2 
01/12/11 Boys Union Vs Boys Sports 2-0 
02/12/11 Sankata  Vs Madhyapur Youth  2-1
02/12/11 Pulchowk Vs Kathmandu Club 0-0 
03/12/11 Birgunj Vs Gyanbhairab 0-0
03/12/11 Tushal  Vs Kumari 3-0
04/12/11 Star Club Vs Boys Sports 2-1
04/12/11 Mahabir Club Vs Sanogaucharan 1-0
05/12/11 Madhyapur Association vs Samajik Youth 2-2
05/12/11 Kathandu Club Vs Boys Union 1-1
06/12/11 Chyasal Vs Sankata 2-2
06/12/11 Pulchowk Vs Gayanbhairab 1-0
07/12/11 Birgunj Vs  Tushal 4-1
07/12/11 Mahabir Vs Boys Sports 2-4
08/12/11 Sanogaucharan Vs Madhyapur Youth Association 0-0
08/12/11 Star Club Vs Kathmandu Club 3-2
09/12/11 Samajik Vs Chyasal Youth 1-2
09/12/11 Boys Union Vs Gyanbhairab 0-0
10/12/11 Sankata Vs Kumari 2-1
10/12/11 Pulchowk Vs Tushal 1-0
11/12/11 Madhyapur Youth Vs Mahabir 1-0
11/12/11 Boys Sports Vs Kathmandu 2-0
12/12/11 Sanogaucharan Vs Chyasal 0-2
12/12/11 Star Club Vs Gyanbhairab 1-0
13/12/11 Samajik Vs Kumari 1-0
13/12/11 Tushal Vs Boys Union 1-0
14/12/11 Birgunj Vs Sankata 3-1
14/12/11 Kathmandu Vs Mahabir 3-1
15/12/11 Madhyapur Vs Chyasal 2-0
15/12/11 Boys Sports Vs Gyanbhairab  0-1
16/12/11 Sanogaucharan Vs Kumari 1-0
16/12/11 Star Vs Tushal 1-1
17/12/11 Samajik Vs Birgunj  0-1
18/12/11 Sankata Vs Pulchowk 1-2
20/12/11 Mahabir Vs Chyashal 3-2
20/12/11 Gyanbhairab Vs Kathmandu 1-0
21/12/11 Madhyapur Vs Kumari 1-0
21/12/11 Tushal Vs Boys Sports 2-0
22/12/11 Birgunj Vs Sanogaucharan 1-1
22/12/11 Pulchowk Vs Samajik 0-0
23/12/11 Sankata Vs Boys Union 3-1
23/12/11 Mahabir Vs Gyanbhairab 1-0
25/12/11 Chyasal Vs Kumari 1-1
25/12/11 Tushal Vs Kathmandu 1-0
26/12/11 Madhyapur Vs Birgunj 1-1
26/12/11 Pulchowk Vs Sanogaucharan 2-1
27/12/11 Star Club Vs Sankata 1-4
27/12/11 Samajik Vs Boys Union  1-0
28/12/11 Mahabir Vs Kumari 3-0
29/12/11 Birgunj Vs Chyasal 1-1
29/12/11 Madhyapur Vs Pulchowk 1-1
01/01/12 Sankata Vs Boys Sports 4-1
01/01/12 Sanogaucharan Vs Boys Union 1-4
02/01/12 Star Club Vs Samajik  1-2
02/01/12 Mahabir Vs Tushal 5-3
03/01/12 Kumari Vs Birgunj  0-4
03/01/12 Chyasal Vs Pulchowk 1-0
04/01/12 Sankata Vs Kathmandu 3-0
04/01/12 Madhyapur Vs Boys Union 3-1
06/01/12 Samajik Vs Boys Sports 3-1
06/01/12 Star Vs Sanogaucharan 2-1
08/01/12 Birgunj Vs Mahabir 1-1
08/01/12 Pulchowk Vs Kumari 1-0
09/01/12 Chyasal Vs Boys Union 4-2
10/01/12 Kathamdnu Vs Samajik 4-2
10/01/12 Madhyapur Vs Star 3-2
11/01/12 Sanogauchran Vs Boys Sports 3-1

Martyr's Memorial Red Bull 'B' Division League 2068




Fixtures and Results



birgunj youth v kathmandu217 Dec 2011

Birgunj tops the table after beating Samajik

Goal from Nishan Nepali on 28th minute of the match puts Birgunj Youth Academy on the top of on going Martyr's Memorial Red Bull 'B' Division League 2068. Birgunj beat Samajik Yuva Club 1-0. more


samajik v sanogaucharan6

16 Dec 2011

Sanogaucharan registeres first win, Star played draw with Tushal

In today Martyr's Memorial B Division League match Sanogaucharan Youth Club registered their first victory of the league against Kumari Yuva Club. more

gyan v chysal2

15 Dec 2011

Gyanbhairab registered second win       

Gyanbhairab regestered second with of the league beating Boys Sports 1-0. Dipak Karki scored the only goal of the match in the first half. more

nirajan15 Dec 2011

Madhyapur Youth beat Chyasal Youth   

Goal each from Manoj Ranjit and Nirajan Rayamajhi gave Madhyapur Youth Association 2-0 win over Chyasal Youth Club in the match played in Police ground .more

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Top Specials

sankata v gaucharan9 nirajan

Sankata suffered their

Sankata suffered theirfirst loss of the league

Nirajan Raimajhi Plays for Madhyapur

 Venue- Nepal Police Training Center, Maharajgunj, Kathmandu

Nepal National Team


420221 288557287882759 150398228365333 747767 873234619 n

30 August 2012

Nepal goes down to Syria without much effort

Nepal finished its Nehru Cup 2012 campaign without winning any matches after it lost to Syria 2-0 in its final match. Nepal just got a point after drawing with India and finished at the bottom of the table.

431768 288558917882596 150398228365333 747782 1822835440 n

30 August 2012

Preview: Nepal Vs Syria

Nepal will play its final Nehru Cup 2012 match against Syria. This match will be just a mere formality as both teams have alreay crashed out of the tournament. Both the teams want to regain some pride by winning this match.

421612 288556487882839 150398228365333 747760 104979574 n

28 August 2012

Nepal finally show some spark as they steal a point from India

Nepal played with some purpose for the first time in the Nehru Cup 2012 as they managed to steal a point away from host India. Even though the match finished in the scoreless tie there were plenty of onfield drama to cheer for.

nep 14

28 August 2012

Preview: Nepal Vs India

Nepal is only mathmatically still in the Nehru Cup 2012 as they were completely overshadowed by their two opponents so far in the tournament. Nepal needs to be at their best in order to beat the host and keep its hope alive in the tournament


26 August 2012

Cameroon dashes Nepal's hope with a superb victory

Cameroon sealed an emphatic victory over Nepal as they completely dominated Nepal from the start to finish. Cameroon will rejoice as they produced a flawless performance.

nehru cup logo

26 August 2012

Preview: Nepal Vs Cameroon

Nepal will play its second match in the ongoing Nehru Cup 2012 today against the heavy favourties Cameroon. Nepal will need to improve its performances sharply in order to get something out of this match.

417101 288559224549232 150398228365333 747785 1231590735 n

23 August 2012

Maldives dashes Nepal's hope in the very first match

Nepalese national team couldn't produced their scintillating performance of late as they succumb to the superior Maldives team.

nehru cup logo

23 August 2012

Preview: Nepal Vs Maldives

Nepal takes on Maldives in the second match of the ongoing Nehru Cup 2012. Both are underdogs and a win in this match will take them on their quest of qualifying for final


12 August 2012

Nepal announced final squad for Nehru Cup 2012

Nepal National team head coach Krishna Thapa announced the name of 21-member final squad for Nehru Cup 2012


6 August 2012

Nepal to open Nehru Cup 2012 campaign against Maldives

Nepal will take Maldives on 23 August 2012 on its opening match of their Nehru Cup 2012 campaign at Jawaharalal Nehru Stadium.


5 August 2012

ANFA announces 29 member initial squad for Nehru Cup

ANFA has announced earlier that it will be taking part in the Nehru Cup International Football tournament which is going to be held from 21 August to 2 September, 2012 in Bangalore, India


425335 288558161216005 150398228365333 747776 1049979417 n

12 March 2012

Last match was not managed by Graham Roberts

Nepal has lost yet another tie in AFC Challenge Cup but if you want to blame the credentials of Graham Roberts than you are wrong more

nep 612 March 2012

Graham Roberts returning to England

Nepalese national coach Graham Roberts announced he is returning to England this Thursday more

428251 288558251215996 150398228365333 747777 1024746950 n

12 March 2012

Analysis: Is this the end or beginning?

There was a big hype surrounding that our national team is progressing. As per FIFA ranking Nepal is (soon to be was) the best ranked South Asian team more


11 March 2012

Nepal's last match only for pride

Nepal conceded first goal of this tournament within five minutes and haven't scored a single goal within next two matches so far. Nepal's chances to qualify for semis more

nepali players warm up1

10 March 2012

Analysis: What went WRONG???

Nepal are technically out of the competition after dismal performace. There were lot of hopes and Nepal played like Barcelona as cited by Joseph Sepp Blatter more

431101 288556741216147 150398228365333 747762 1287424542 n

10 March 2012

Asian Dream ends for Nepal, loses 1-0 to Maldives

Its unfortunate for me to write and Nepalese fans to read this article. Yes! more

nep 4

10 March 2012

Analysis: Nepal must win both matches to ensure Semi final berth

Nepal is set to play Maldives at full crowded Dasarath Stadium now more

nepal team1

8 March 2012

Nepal loses its first match, Palestine 2-0 Victors

Nepal has slumped in the first match encounter against Palestine in front of home crowds. Palestine started brightly and Fahed Attal scored more

nepal coach

7 March 2012

We are ready to play the tournament- Graham Roberts

In a final press conference prior to the inauguaration of the finals Nepalese coach Graham Roberts said- ' We are ready more


2 March 2012

ANFA axed Sujal Shrestha to form a 20 member squad

All Nepal Football Association (ANFA) announced final 20 member squad for upcoming AFC  more

press meet28 Feb 2012

Graham Roberts on AFC Challenge Cup 2012

Graham Roberts had an press conference ahead of the most anticipated AFC Challenge Cup in Kathmandu more

press meet

28 Feb 2012

ANFA announces 21 member squad

All Nepal Football Association (ANFA) and National coach Graham Roberts with his assistant coaches  announced 21 member squad for AFC Challenge Cup, 2012 more

Nepal U-16 National Team



Nepal U-16 Home Squad Formation Fixtures and Results

Genre Nepal U-16 Team 210844 192079704197185 150398228365333 479666 1555463408 o
Federation Asian Football Confederation
Sub-Federation South Asian Football Federation
Region South Asia
Team colours Red
Home jersey Colour Red/Red/Red
Away jersey colour Blue/Blue/Blue
Home Stadium Dasarath Rangasala
President Ganesh Thapa
Coach Sunil Shrestha