ANFA will help PAC in the investigation - Ganesh Thapa

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The All Nepal Football Association organized a press meet on Monday to clarify the recent media reports made about the financial irregularities at the association.

Speaking at the press meet, the All Nepal Football Association President Ganesh Thapa, who is also the vice-president of the Asian Football Confederation, requested the Pubic Accounts Committee (PAC) to give the association time to clarify the allegations.

"There is no one above the law. If we have done anything wrong, we all should be punished," said the president, adding that the association would help the PAC in the investigation by providing all the details of the financial transactions of the association.

"The case is not just about me but it's about the whole association. If anybody is found guilty, they should be punished," he said. "I have not received any letter from the PAC in my name, it has all been addressed in the name of the association and our General Secretary is dealing with it. The case is about ANFA."

Clarifying the allegations made about the construction of infrastructure, he said that as per the FIFA's laws it is not required to submit the audit report of consultant and consultancy of FIFA development projects.

Regarding allegations made about Saathi, the president said that the AFC Dream Asia – AFC's Corporate Social Responsibility branch -- had made a deal with Saathi just for a year and not six years as reported in the newspapers. A total of 46 projects had made the bid.

Clarifying the allegations made about the gate money from the matches at the Dashrath Stadium, he said that the ANFA has submitted all the details to concerned authorities. He also gave details about Gaurav Thapa's case saying that the CIAA had already dealt with the case.

Regarding the allegation made about the players' fund, he said the fund was of Rs 5 million and the ANFA had provided all the details about it.

He stressed that the association had every details of the financial transactions and would help the PAC in the investigation. "We have submitted all the details to the National Sports Council, PAC, CIAA and the Sports Ministry," he added.

PAC suspends Anfa chief’s authority for two months

ganesh thapa

The Public Accounts Committee of Parliament on Sunday directed the Ministry of Youth and Sports to "put on hold" the powers of All Nepal Football Association President Ganesh Thapa for two months to further investigate into the corruption charges levelled against him.

"This would be the best solution until we reach a concrete decision," said PAC Chairman Janardan Sharma. "Based on the ministry report and Anfa explanation, we came to the conclusion that some matters need to be thoroughly investigated before reaching a verdict on Thapa. We want to ensure that Thapa does not exercise his authority during the period."

The PAC has been probing corruption charges filed against the Anfa chief by Vice-presidents Karma Tshering Sherpa and Bijay Narayan Manadharn on June 13. Thapa was recently nominated as a CA member by the Rastriya Prajatantra Party-Nepal.

A PAC meeting on Sunday concluded that the ministry report on Anfa and its president was not enough and needs more investigation.

In its report, the Sports Ministry has questioned several financial dealings, including the transfer of $100,000 into the account of his son Gaurav and $115,000 into his own account from former AFC President Mohammad bin Hammam. The ministry has also questioned the process to build the Anfa hostel, a sudden announcement of Rs 80 million surplus as ticket revenue by its president, the handling of three Fifa Goal projects, renting personal vehicle and apartment to Anfa, among others.

The case of $25,000 handed over by Anfa to Saathi--a non-government organisation--and the money received from the government for purchasing apartment for players are among the issues on the list to be examined. The PAC has also forwarded a copy of the directive to the Commission for Investigation of Abuse of Authority and the Department of Money Laundering Investigation.

Live Streaming: AFC President's Cup MMC Vs Sri Lanka Air Force SC

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LIVE Streaming: Manang Marshyangdi Club Vs Sri Lanka Air Force SC - AFC President's Cup 2014.

Match will be kick off at 16:15 NST

Watch LIVE Streaming here...

AFC President's Cup 2014: Manang Marshyangdi takes Sri Lanka Air Force on Saturday

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Manang Marshyangdi Club kicks off their AFC Presidnet's Cup campaign in Group A against host team Sri Lanka Air Force SC in Saturday.

Coach Nabin Neupane is expecting a close game with familiar foes in their opener, citing the fact that the respective national sides of Nepal and Sri Lanka have faced each other on many occasions. 

In todays pre match conference held in Colombo Neupane said, "Nepal have played Sri Lanka on so many occasions, so I have some idea how the Sri Lanka Air Force team will play, especially as they have some national team players in their squad."

"They may have home advantage, but we have been preparing for over two months for this tournament and we're sure to play to our best level," said Manang Marshyangdi Coach Neupane.

Regarding the other team in a group he said, "The team from Turkmenistan, FC HTTU, in fact, is more of a mystery. Although we know they will be physically strong and technically good, we've never played them in club football so we don't know much about them – either way we'll be ready."

Schools and ANFA for grassroots development

grassrootSchools eager to join hand with ANFA for grassroots development
Sept. 14- A total of 13 schools have showed their willingness to run grassroots development programme initiated by the All Nepal Football Association.

At a meeting held at the ANFA Complex on Sunday, representatives of 13 schools – St. Xavier's, Kathmandu University High School Ullens, Malpi, Gems, Charkhandi Vidya Mandir, Man Singh High Shool, Deep Jyoti School, Sahid Smarak, Gyanodaya, ABC Academy, Junior Football Academy and Little Angels' Schools – said they were willing to join with ANFA to develop grassroots football.

Grassroots coordinator Upendra Man Singh highlighted the importance of grassroots development for the overall development of football. Singh said that when schools cooperate with the football association it will give a chance for all interested youngsters to be part of the game.

"When we select players for the ANFA Academy we scot for the best players but there are many youngsters who want to play. This programme will help us to give equal opportunities to all interested youngsters to play football," said Man Singh. "This programme will help us go to the masses."

( Reprsentatives of different schools attend the grassroots development meeting on Sunday.)

The 13 schools that have shown their interest in the programme will be given technical assistance by ANFA coaches. In the initial step, each school will be provided with six balls, 24 briefs, cones, books for instructors and 30 markers. In the coming days, the ANFA also has plans to appoint coaches to schools that don't have instructors.

Once the programme is implemented ANFA coaches will monitor how the programme is being conducted in the schools that are affiliated. The school coaches will have to report to ANFA the promising players. In return, ANFA coaches will observe their performances at a festival that will be held every year. This year's festival is planned for December.

"We are a family now. Any school can organize this kind of festival with the help of the affiliated members," said Man Singh.

ANFA has plans to introduce the programme outside the valley as well once the programme take good direction here.

ANFA also has plans to organize a four-day coaching programme for school sports instructors.

The programme will officially be launched this Friday.